Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween '10: The Prediction

Welllll, it's that time of the year again. Halloween. I don't mind Halloween much as a holiday, there are definitely worse (I'm looking at you, Valentine's). But I never seem to find much to do around that day, and can never bring myself to getting a good costume (usually I just dawn some guerrilla mask or something).

However, this year is different... or so I thought. I have a girlfriend this time around, and therefore someone to actually hang out with and possibly get in trouble with, haha. But alas, she works on Halloween... so, so much for that.

Maybe I'll just play that new game Costume Quest all night? ...That'd be kinda sad.


  1. Halloween is always a bad day for me. usually by the time the kids show up at my apt, i basically ate all of their candy.. and then i give them dollar bills..

  2. I never even heard of that game until now.

  3. O gawd i'm still not sure what my girlfriend has planned but rest assured there is a plan.:D
    Halloween = Pagan Sunday, this year.