Monday, November 1, 2010

Woo boy, been awhile.

So as you can see I haven't really been posting any on my blog lately. It's a shame, because I do enjoy it, but I've been rather busy as of late, and the moment I get some extra free time I suddenly start to develop a small Fallout: New Vegas addiction, haha. Which in itself is odd, because I really wasn't that big a fan of Fallout 3 (which I own and haven't finished). We'll see how long my infatuation with the game lasts.

Before that I was playing a whole lot of Guild Wars in anticipation of Guild Wars 2. They recently released the reward calculator so people can see what sort of stuff they'll get in GW2 for their achievements in GW1. I had a measly 8/50 because most of my GW playing days were back when the original was the only game, but now I'm up to 21/50, which isn't bad considering you only get items up to 30/50.

Oh, if you guys are wondering how I'm playing New Vegas, I've stolen borrowed my brother's 360. Being the oldest has its perks, kekeke.


  1. LOL i was wondering how you were playing New Vegas. :D

  2. Yeah my older brother always had his way. Funny how they say the younger ones get spoiled.