Monday, September 6, 2010

Hotel Debacle

So, being that my GF and I couldn't make it to PAX, we decided to head up to a closer expo that just happened to be taking place around this time as well. And it seemed the day was utterly rigged; numerous issues cropped up, the least of which was the car overheating. I swear, if automobiles didn't look so purty' I'd outright hate them for their unreliability.

Anyway, the reason the car troubles were "the least of" the issues we had, is because the hotel we stayed at is, in short, trying to rob us. I won't say the name of the hotel right now, but essentially they charged us immensely for things we did not order and did not agree to pay for from the getgo. We might still be able to correct the issue, but they seem pretty intent on screwing us over. Worst of all it was my credit card we ended up using (of course). Next time, we're springing for a nice 4-star hotel. :P


  1. Yeah i've had issues with hotels as well.
    In as many cases as possible i dont use a credit card with hotels, but unfortunately it's required for most reservations.
    Be sure you contact the hotel manager and make sure that person is aware that you are contacting them is merely a courteous and that you are going above their head anyway to talk to a district manager. Things become a lot easier than dealing with a desk clerk. :D

  2. omg that sucks dude, i hope everything works out!!

  3. i hate it when we hit hotel problems when we go out!

  4. You get what you pay for. Even though sometimes you didnt pay for it. Bastards. I SAY SUE!

  5. Hmm sorry to hear that...I've hotel clerks give me the run around. Next time just ask that you speak to the manager and bitch them out in front of their boss.