Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday Night Lagfest

So, bearing in mind that MNC probably just lost a huge amount of its playerbase thanks to Halo: Reach, I figured I'd throw one more MNC-related blog post out there before its dead. Now, don't get me wrong, I love MNC and have spent a huge amount of time playing it, but man, there are some things in that game that really grind my gears. And I shall now commence bitching about said things--with bulletpoints!

  • Lag - As you could tell from the title, I've been dealing with some rather significant latency issues as of late. I'm talking Modern Warfare 2 kind of crappy server lag, and believe me, that's bad.

  • Gunners - Oh-ho, you knew this one was coming. I mean, Gunners aren't unstoppable or anything, I actually quite like making them my target as an Assault since they're so easy to it. But really, let's be honest, all you need is that minigun and your Passive and you're capable of destroying practically everything. Care to tell me what the Gunner's counter is? ...Yeah, think hard on it.

  • Cheaters - From flying to the top of the arena and shooting down at people, to speed-glitching as an Assassin, I'm pretty freakin' tired of this crap.

  • Overtime, And Juice In General - I think we can all agree on this one: juice is too easy to come by, and overtime is a terrible idea. It's like, "Oh hey, you've been trading blows pretty evenly for awhile now, so let's just flip a f***ing coin to decide the winner."

i mad


  1. lol with bulletpoints, u mad.

    seriously tho, never played it, and by the sounds of it i dont think i want to :(

  2. I never played MNC but it always looked fun from the videos i've seen. :D