Monday, September 6, 2010

TRITTON Headsets: Don't Buy Them

No, seriously. Don't. I bought a pair of their AX-180's, which cost me altogether about $80. Not a cheap-ass pair of headphones, no sir. And it was exactly what I was looking for: a decent headset under the price of $100 that would play on my PC, PS3, and 360. I was happy.

Sadly, the happiness was cut short when the damn thing broke apart about 5 months afterwards. A flaw in the design of the headset makes it so that as it is used it slowly cracks the plastic just above the earmuffs. I repaired it numerous times and it got worse each time it broke. Finally, with two earmuffs dangling about (quiet you), and the mic-hole pushed in (...OK, now I'm just asking for it), I gave up.

TRITTON customer service ignored me. Literally. I didn't even get any customer service copypasta bullshit, I was just ignored. THIEVERY.

TLDR: Anyone got any recommendations for a headset that works on at least the 360 and PC, and isn't known to break just as the warranty's up?

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  1. Wow what a piece of shit, lol. I have 5Hv2 from Steelseries and they are great, and have good customer service there too. They are like 89.99 online. I saw them at Futureshop for 149.99.. LOL so yeah buy them online.